Benefits of a website to small business.

The website design team at Barry, South Wales have been designing business websites for many years. ATTENTION. Have a quick look at the two Yell listings below... Morben Electrical have the 'edge' simply because they are displaying a website address...

benefits of having a website

Attention, followed by interest, followed by desire, followed by action is what YOUR business is all about. You may not have thought about it that way but in most cases it is true.

  • Attention - Let's say a potential customer see's your advert, or van livery, or directory listing. They may need your product or service, by 'seeing' you, you have their ATTENTION. So far so good.
  • Interest - You may also have the 'potential customers' interest so they want to know more. Let's say you have a website, now we're talking - you can really grab their INTEREST.
  • Desire - Now if you don't have a website what are the chances of gaining the potential customers DESIRE? Much less than the chance of your competitor who DOES have a website! By including a website address in your advertising you have a much higher chance of giving an interested customer enough information to attract desire.
  • Action - So you've got a website you've got the attention, interest and desire then comes the sale. The customer has taken ACTION and purchased your product or service.

Our websites are basic starter websites aimed to help you give your potential customers (and existing customers) MORE INFORMATION. Why spend money on advertising and NOT include a web address? It doesn't add up. The cost of basic websites are dropping all the time. Talk to us and see if we can help you.