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website security

On-demand Website Security Service

Security is a serious concern for many people using the web to do business and every year, over half a million websites is defaced by hackers and then publicly humiliated, usually posting offensive or damaging messages in the Homepage. Surprisingly, Internet fraud is the fastest growing crime in the UK today with high number of these problems in web technology allows credit card fraud to blight the experience of many consumers.

Many well built websites, even e-commerce sites, which could allow hackers to access the clients' information, or to tamper with the content of the site.

What are the risks?

Of course, whether your website is well protected or not, many businesses will not experience any serious attacks from hackers. However, businesses can pay a high price for a lack of security that could allow hackers to cause serious problem to the website in many ways:

  • Amending the site content including your online catalogue, products and services resulting in losing your customers, or pushing prices down and losing you income.
  • Adding offensive or damaging messages in the Homepage.
  • Allows hackers to send out e-mails that appear to have come from you, causing an offence to your existing customers and ruin your e-marketing strategy.
  • Allows hackers to enter the root directory, infecting your core web files with viruses and other possible threats.
  • Enable hackers to go beyond the website and into the root web directory, gaining total control of your website and destroying all the online MySQL databases.
  • There are other possible causes such as website malfunctioning, stealing and corrupting important data.

What others have experienced . . .

The Internet is constantly exposed to evolving web based threats. Some people may ask whether it will ever happen to them and others are just taking chances but whatever the scenario, prevention is always better than cure.

Even Microsoft's network was hacked before; a teenager got Microsoft Bill Gates' credit cards details. NASA website and their server were also hacked as some of us know.

Peace of Mind Website Security Service - What can we do?

Why risk your business by not having backups? Well, by taking out the on-demand website security service we provide as little as £9.99 per month, we ensures that threat prevention is as effective as possible to defend against hackers from further damage to your entire website (should anything happen) using our management control backups system and real-time monitoring service.

Please Note: The 'technical support' mentioned in all our web security packages are referring to security related issues. E.g. Hackers related issues and unauthorized access to the control panel, including accidental modification of the global settings.
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