UK Directory Listing Service for Local Businesses in Cardiff, Barry and South Wales

If you are a local business in the UK, then directory listing is a very powerful and invaluable tool for shaping your business branding, raising your company profile and optimising your website search engine. At Perfectly Simple SEO, we can offer you the most efficient directory listing service in the UK.

Perfectly Simple SEO offers a fully, effective and professionally-managed service of your UK business directory listings. We can create listings containing your correct, up-to-date and accurate business information, in a format that will be optimised within the search engine, and then released to the most influential five hundred directory websites in the UK.

The benefits are overwhelming; the main benefits are summarised below.

  • Your company information released across the internet is correct, honest and accurate
  • Your company information is in exactly the same, consistent format across all websites
  • Your company is available on the most influential websites in the UK
  • Over five hundred high powered links lead back to your company website
  • Increased attention and confidence from Google
  • Old and incorrect listings on these websites will be erased, updated or re-formatted to the correct data
  • Fully, professionally-managed service on your behalf

What are directory listings?

There are thousands of websites that list UK businesses. These include a wide variety of local area directories, national directory listings and in-car navigation or “sat nav” listings.
These listings hold information about your business such as: 

  • Contact details - company name, address, telephone number and e-mail
  • About your business – category, services, products, photographs
  • Profiles - Company Social Media Profiles

Why are directory listings important?

Directory listings are vital and play an essential part in allowing your business to become accessible to your customers or clients. Potential customers or clients can use these directories to find a company, browse through their services or products and contact the company to enquire. Google also utilises directories as a source of information about your business and has a number of directories that it trusts to provide accurate, honest and reliable information about local businesses.

Having your company and its details available to view in a particular way on these directories, gives Google increased confidence that your business is a bona fide, authentic and genuine local business. This raised confidence from Google will improve your website rankings and your company’s rankings in Google Maps, or as it is currently named, “Google My Business”. Having the correct, up-to-date information about your business is the key to ranking well for local searches.

Your business is more than likely to have a number of listings on these directories. If you, yourself have never managed, added or edited such listings, then it probable that someone else has. At best, your company’s information has been added, albeit in different, inconsistent, rough formats and, at worst, the information they have added is inaccurate, incorrect or even for the wrong business.

Directory listings - Incorrect Format

You may be surprised that if you carry out a search of Google for your “your company name” and “your company location”, you will find a number of websites are among the search results. These are directory listings; having the correct information in the same format is paramount to ranking well.

What does “the same format” really mean? Consider your company address is at “16 The High Street,” among the search results, you will also have other listings such as:

  • 16 The High St.
  • 16 High Street
  • 16 High St.
  • The High Street
  • High Street

To the human eye this can make sense, but Google sees this as six, individual variations of data. In other words, it recognises this as six different addresses. The only way to get around this is for your Google Maps listing to rank well. We recommend that you ensure your correct and exact data is on your Google Plus page, in exactly the same format on all your directory listing. This will undoubtedly enhance your Google Map listings.

directory listing uk

Directory listings – Incorrect Information

If having the correct information, in less than a perfect format, can potentially be challenging for your business, it is easy to realise the danger of having incorrect information about your business - this can be severely crippling.

If your company has ever changed location, name or telephone number, or perhaps has more than one branch, then it is possible that all of these changes created new directory listings in addition to the old listings. In addition, if you have not managed the listings, you will have different, inconsistent formats of the incorrect, inaccurate information all across the internet. Google could be potentially seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of variations of your business’ information.

UK Directory Listing Manages Services Cost

UK Directory Listing Manages Services

Our fully managed UK directory listing services come as standard with our unique SEO packages. Alternatively, it is available as a standalone service for a small, set-up fee of £149, plus a low cost monthly fee of £49.99. Your company listing will be available across the internet on all the major, influential directory websites which will equip your company with all the tools for success. 

In-Car & Sat Nav Listings - NEW

Our directory listing managed service has now been newly refined and updated. We are proud to announce that our SEO service can now make your company more visible than ever by listing your company and its details on in-car map systems, “sat navs” and mobile phone maps of:

Garmin - Mercedes - BMW - Porche -  Jaguar - Audi - Land Rover - Ford - Honda - Renault - Peugeot - Citroen - Fiat - Nissan - Volvo - iGo - Mobile Phone Maps - Apple - Mobile Phone Maps - HTC - and many more