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As boring as this text might seem, you always know videos do the job better! Imagine what happens when customers visit your website and all that they see is text. It will definitely not grab their attention and there are high chances that they close your website. Instead, ever wondered how the customer would feel compelled to stay on your website if there was a video showing what your company does and the list of products, basically explaining everything using a video: EXPLAINER VIDEO.


Yes, it might not come across as a game-changer among people who rely on conventional marketing tricks. But the world has moved to internet and social media. If your company or brand does not have a footprint there, you will literally be hated by internet users.

Explainer videos will just do the job for you! There is a huge underlying potential in explainer videos and the usage of explainer videos will have tremendous advantages for your website. Listed below are few of the advantages of Explainer Videos:

1. Make your customers stay on your website more!

As per a recent survey, customers who do not see a video on the landing page of your website will spend an average of 8 seconds on your website, while those who see a video will be on your website for 2 minutes, which is a 15 fold increase.

2. Better SEO Results
When search engines find that your website has a relevant video, it ranks you at a much better position compared to other pages.

3. Share easily
When you have an explainer video for your product or brand, you can share it easily across social media sites, thereby increasing the popularity.

4. Grab the attention of your prospects
Rather than going through the text, people would prefer if the same content is illustrated in a video, so that they can understand it better.

5. Make a statement
When you have an explainer video, you can showcase your point and ISP of your website clearly by grabbing the attention of your customer, which will lead to better conversion rates.

6. Go by the research
Many successful companies have registered growth rates of up to 65% after embedding an explainer video on their website, including DropBox.

We have seen a phenomenal growth in the traffic attracted by our clients after using an explainer video designed by us. Make sure that you do not lose on your popularity and brand image by not having an explainer video!

What are you waiting for?