Standard E-Commerce is a scalable shopping cart for Ecommerce sites developed primarily for the SOHO (small office, home office) store owner who wants to add transactional capabilities to an existing website. You can organize, manage and ship your products, and you have the the flexibility you need to run a successful online business. It includes shipping, payment, marketing, security, design, and admin features, as well as customer and product management tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy Populate - Easily edit and update your database using Excel, then upload any number of products throughout your store.
  • Multi-Language Capabilities - Present your store in English, French Spanish, and German.
  • Runtime Code Inclusion - RCI allows custom modifications and additions to be used with the base program code so customisation overwrites are easier to avoid.


FedX 1.11 MS2
Extra shipping module to use FedEx for shipping  
Free Shipping logic enhancements
Allows skipping the shipping page if it's not needed and consolidates the controls.  
Shipping Modules
More Australian, Canadian and British shippers added  
Shipwire order fulfillment integration
Shipwire warehouses, packs, ships, and gets volume shipping discounts for you  
UPS Choice 1.8
Allows customers to specify UPS shipping methods  
USPS Methods 2.5
Allows customers to specify USPS shipping methods  
Catalog URL return after log-in
Customers can link directly to their account information as bookmarks or favorites in their browser  
Events Manager
Keep track of all events going on in your store  
Explain Queries
Development and debugging tool used to evaluate SQL queries. For technicians only  
Header Tags Controller
Page Control, Text Control, and Fill Tags can now be entered as text without any programming, throughout the site, as easily as they were set in products pages in earlier versions Not Included in Standard Package
Information Pages and Categories
Easily categorize and add information pages in their own InfoBox  
Set up a "Links" page from other sites automatically without having to email and manually add each one  
Mysql Backup
Backs up even the largest database with ease  
OSC-Affiliate 1.09
A powerful affiliate program to let others sell your product for you, you pay commissions Not Included in Standard Package
Page Cache Settings
Enable the page cache features to reduce server load and render pages more quickly Not Included in Standard Package
Runtime Code Inclusion Expansion
RCI allows custom modifications and additions to be used with the base program code, with less likelihood of customizations being overwritten  
SMTP mail server abstraction
Email can now be sent using an SMTP connection instead of the sendmail command  

E-Commerce Samples

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