Expand Your Online Store with these Add-Ons Systems and Modules.

Add on Systems

Add-On Systems introduce entire new frameworks into your site and can themselves support additional Add-On Modules.

Content Director: The Content Director is an innovative framework that combines the page management features of a content management system with our comprehensive shopping cart application. Content Director is included in Professional (Silver) and Professional B2B (Gold) Packages
The File Distribution Management (FDM) : is the professional solution for selling and distributing files on your website. It's a good fit for software developers, manufacturers, publishers, and corporate sites. FDM also expands upon the order-processing and file-tracking capabilities available the through the Download Controller and Attributes Management Page. Customers have their own "My Downloads" page that summarizes all past and pending downloads from qualifying purchases. Admins can view ALL downloads by customer name or order number and see a more detailed Download Log for each individual file a customer downloads. FDMS also automatically associates File Icons with files (or you can manually set associations at any time), so that your customers can plainly see the type of file they are downloading: Word doc, executable, zip file, podcast, MP3, eBook, video, or any other file type. Files are stored in a File Library and can be viewed and downloaded in their File Categories and File Detail pages. Requirements can be set on files such as login, product purchase, or to allow free/unrestricted downloads. Files can be attached to products to allow for automatic distribution of software drivers, user manuals, warranty data, or any other pertinent Files. Files can be added to the File Library via FTP.

Other Modules are available upon request - Gift/Discount Voucher, Google Ads Infobox, Print Order with Store Logo, FAQ Manager, Help Ticket System, Enhanced Image Gallery.

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