• "My website is always costing me money - every time I change my marketing literature or my business evolves, I need a new site again..."
  • "The web developer takes forever to get round to updating it and gets it wrong twice before he gets it right..."
  • "It's so much hassle and expense updating the website that I just don't bother anymore..." "My website is like a brochure, going out of date the minute it is published..."
A website Content Management System helps end the frustration and expense of dealing of website designers.

A website has to be up-to-date to be effective. If you rely on a Website Designer to update your site you know the real cost of website ownership. The average professional Web Designer charges £75 per hour and will have a minimum billing unit of 1 hour. How much do you pay your staff by comparison? That's the argument for a content managed site in a nutshell.

A website Content Management System puts you in Control

A website with a website content management system is a website you can control and update yourself. Better still, you can delegate the updates to a member of your team! Taking control is a liberating experience. Suddenly your website is always up-to-date, always evolving and always fresh. It is now a useful and cost-effective communications tool for you and your customers. With our award winning open source website content management system website, you can give control of your most valuable marketing asset to the people who need to communicate with your customers - not people who charge you £75 per hour and take days or weeks to make changes.

  • No more Website update bottlenecks
  • No more bills every time you want to change a product or a paragraph