rhyscycle.co.ukIn the web project, we were asked to develop a bi-lingual website that is both interactive and fun for children to learn about recycling.

Because the target audience is primarily children, we paid careful attention to our colour palette in this web design, looking for a combincation that was at once vibrant, fresh and fun. Our initial consultations with the Rhondda Cynon Taf Staffs focuses primarily on interactivity - animated character and flash games to keep the children entertained. The character 'Rhys Cycle' inspired us to create a first class website.

This state-of-the-art website contains educational bespoke flash games - 'Sorting Games, 'Word Searches', 'Crosswords' and 'Quizzes'. We developed this further by developing a fun zone - 'Download Zone' where members, after filling the registration form, can enjoy downloading screensavers, wallpapaers and posters and send e-cards to their friends. The registered members are kept up-to-date with recyling work throughout the county borough by monthly newsletters.



rhys cycle download zoneChildren can also alter the colour schemes of the whole site at the click of a button.

The greatest challenge for this web project was to be able to present the website in both English and Welsh. The difficulty was in tranposing Welsh accents so that they appear correctly on th internet, especially the circvumflex accent on w and y.

The website uses content management system to manage all contents on the site, allowing the staffs of RCT to easily add, delete and edit all content pages with minimal training.

The website has received much praise. More importantly, however it is made more usable and relevant to both children and teachers.


sort game by rhondda cynon taf word search by rhondda cynon taf crossword game by rhondda cynon taf

Bespoke Flash Games


Recent Press Releases


official launch of rhyscycle website

Official Launch of the Website - April 18th, 2007


'PS Web Design were in engaged by Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council in Nov, 06 to design a environmental website for our green mascot Rhyscycle.

Our team gave Peter and Steven some ideas and they went away to look at developing those ideas, numerous meetings and discussions took place and then the website was developed.

Our initial aim was for Rhyscycle to have a website where children could learn about the environment by actually doing something constructive, this has been achieved and we feel it is a unique site and one which we have not seen anywhere else.

During this time Peter and Steven were extremely helpful in both their approach to our needs and advising us on what we could actually do.

I think the proof is in the website, which was launched in April, 07 with the then education minister Jane Davidson in attendance, her comments were that it was an excellent website.

To conclude, I don’t think the website would have been as good as it is without the commitment, knowledge and efforts of PS Web Design.

I would strongly recommend anyone using them for this type of work.'

Nigel Wheeler - Service Director for Streetcare
Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

nigel wheeler from Rhondda Cynon Taf

Nigel Wheeler Giving the Presentation