Choosing a host for your web site can be a frustrating process. Naturally, you're looking for a host that combines all of the right features for the right price. You're looking for a host that respects you as a person, and will do everything possible to make you happy. There's a million hosts out there... why should you choose us?

Here are the 7 key reasons for choosing Perfectly Simple Hosting:

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Commitment to customer satisfaction.
Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our team works together to make that possible. Whether it's walking you through a domain transfer or account setup, or troubleshooting a difficult CGI script, we'll do what it takes to keep you happy. We offer a complete online Knowledge Base, documenting just about everything we offer. If you can't find it there, our Customer Care team would be more than happy to help you. In addition, if you ever encounter unsatisfactory customer service, please voice your complaints to our group supervisor. We will always strive for the betterment of our primary goal: true customer satisfaction. We understand that our true concern for our clients is something that competitors are lacking.
Powerful & Flexible Hosting Control Panel ...
Everyone says they have a control panel that allows you to configure "something"? BUT what can it configure? BUT how good is it? We have dedicated software programming resources to customize our hosting control panel to give you ultimate flexibility. We don't buy off-the-shelf control panel technology as they are restricted in functionality
Continual Upgrades ...
We have been continually upgrading our control panel software and other services since we started. When you sign up with us, it is the beginning of a business purchase that gets better all the time. We have been in business long enough to know that if we don't serve your needs, we will lose your business to someone who does. Browse our website thoroughly - does ours feel like a "shop" you are comfortable buying your "goods" from?
Small Businesses & Large Corporations alike use our services
We are inexpensive enough for the small shops, and reliable enough for the big guys. Without saying, any business whose size falls between naturally fits the bill. And more importantly, the bill fits them. Where else do you find this ultimate combination?
All our servers and the components that make up our network are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an unscheduled outage, be it a component failure, software crash or connectivity disruption, our monitoring system will immediately notify an engineer. At the same time our systems will attempt to fix the problem automatically, be it diverting our connectivity over a redundant circuit or restarting a failed service. This pro-active monitoring allows us not only to promise our customers up-time, but to also deliver on this promise. Reliability doesn't stop there. We understand that it is crucial to only use reliable and scaleable hardware which is why we only use the highest quality servers for all Web and e-mail serving. Our network uptime has constantly been above the industry margin with an aggregate monthly availability of 99.998%.
FREE Secure Server Use!
All Perfectly Simple Hosting account types can use one of our "" shared secure servers. You can use this for e-commerce or any other application that requires secure communications between server and browser. We use secure certificates that are completely compatible with all major web browsers. Customers can purchase their own personalised certificate if they do not wish to use our shared secure server.
Lots of Available Server Software!
We keep up with the latest upgrades and enhancements for the most popular server-based Internet software available including, Apache, PHP, Perl, mySQL, Miva Script, Miva Merchant, PGP, cgiwrap, Analog, WWW Counter, and lots more. Don't settle for out-of-date software!

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