In some instances, a web presence in not a must for certain businesses. Many have little or no use for a website but still recognize the importance of securing a domain name for their use as well as the efficiency found in communication via email. We have the package that suites the businesses in this category. Now your own custom company email is as easy and available as a consumer webmail service, yet as powerful and flexible as a corporate messaging system. No servers, hassles or up-front expenses!

  • Easy Set-up - Give all your friends, family and employees their own private email accounts with no installation or expense.
  • Custom Addresses & Features - Addresses use your own domain name whether it already exists or not, even if your website is elsewhere. Add & delete your own accounts, change features and manage mail lists with web-based administration.
  • Universal Access - All mailboxes include POP3 and web-based access which means availability anytime and anyplace with any computer and email software.