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Linux Dual Core

Perfectly Simple Hosting's Linux Dual Core Dedicated Server provides a massive server specification, bandwidth and service for a low monthly fee and no setup charges.




Hardware Specification:

Dell Hardware : Dell R200
Processor (CPU) : Dual Core Xeon 2.33Ghz
Hard Drive : 2x160 GB SATA (160 GB Usable Space)
Memory (RAM) : 2 GB
Hardware RAID: Yes - RAID 1 Mirroring
Remote Reboot : Yes - One Click Reboot



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Bandwidth & Data Centre:

Bandwidth : Unlimited 10 Mbps Data Pipe
Internet Connections : Multiple Tier 1 Carriers
IP Addresses : 2 Free. Additional for Fee
State-of-the-art Data Centre : Yes - Brand New DC for 2008





Operating System Services:

Operating System Choice : Ubuntu or CentO
Web Based Administration : WebMin or Choose cPanel
Webserver : Apache
Mail Server : Exim
FTP Server : ProFTP
Database : MySQL
Programming Languages : PHP, Perl & Python
Name Server (DNS): BIND or use ours
Root/Administration Access : Yes
Technical Support : Yes 24x7x365
Personal System Admin : Yes - Chargeable




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cPanel and Web Host Manager Installed:

cPanel and WHM 11 is the number 1 choice for dedicated server web hosting administration. With tools to keep your server secure, provision customer accounts, transfer accounts from server to server, deploy applications (blogs, cms, etc) and much more, your web hosting operation will jump to light speed with cPanel and WHM 11.

Perfectly Simple Hosting uses Cpanel, this means that not only are we experts in deploying it but we can also pass on our partner discounts to you. * Complete Server Administration Interface.

* Unlimited Domains per Server.
* Fully Brandable.
* Fully Featured Domain Owner Interface.
* Separate Server Administrator, Reseller, and Domain Owner Interfaces.
* Free Multi-Language Support.
* Free Virus Scanner.
* Free Game Servers. cPanel fully installed and licensed on your Linux CentOS server is just £20 per month.

We can install it when you order your server or we can add it for you later.



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